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2019 /
181 M /
Creators – Jim Starlin /

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So I have a couple of problems with this movie.
Visually it is stunning, and the acting is pretty good, but the entire story is a mess with way too many plot-convenient parts.
Everybody and their mother were able to wield the infinity stones, where as previously you would get destroyed for even touching them without being at least a semi-omnipotent god-like creature. So that was dumb.
Also, it took the dwarf king (what’s his face) and all his people to create the legendary glove that Thanos wears, yet Tony makes one in like 4 seconds.
“Why don’t we just travel back in time?
“Because time travel is impossible”
“What if we did it anyway?
“Lol, never thought of that. Btw, just figured out time travel”
And couldn’t they just go back in time and gather time crystals or whatever from different timelines. Bam, infinite number of do-overs!
Does time-travel include teleportation, for they are going all over the universe in their search for infinity stones?
Captain Marvel is apparently aware of THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE all the time, seeing as she just went and gathered Tony and Nebula like it is no big deal. What? And weren’t they 10.000 light years away, meaning that Captain Marvel is faster than the speed of light?
And why didn’t Nebula go back to the present when she regained control of her body shortly before being beamed up? She’s just like “well, nothing bad could ever come from handing over this time-traveling device to Thanos.
Ending was cool though, visuals were amazing, and I liked Thanos
Thank you for listening to my TED-talk.

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Magnificent, thank you for everything Tony and Cap.
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